16W Marketing, LLC is a full service sports marketing company utilizing a completely integrated approach in the development of client programs. 16W believes that the creation and maintenance of a client’s position and image requires that all marketing disciplines be fully synchronized so that a clear, effective, and unified message is communicated to the appropriate audience.


16W Marketing represents Howie Long Boomer Esiason, Phil Simms, Cris Collinsworth, Cal Ripken, Jr.Ron Darling,  Bob Papa, Chris SimmsKordell StewartClyde DrexlerHakeem OlajuwonHarry Carson, Bill Ripken,  Vashti Cunningham , Tony MeolaAdam Scherr


16W’s mission is to provide clients with a competitive advantage in their respective category. 16W creates and maximizes opportunities by employing the knowledge and skill acquired over years of developing marketing properties and identifying those opportunities which best suit client needs. 16W, led by partners Steve Rosner and Frank Vuono, draws on their vast experience to plan, implement, and evaluate marketing strategies that ensure client satisfaction.


As a marketing partner, 16W’s primary goal is to assemble all marketing elements into a comprehensive package designed to meet specific business objectives.



  • Athlete/Celebrity Marketing

  • Broadcasting Negotiation

  • Corporate Hospitality

  • Corporate Sponsorship

  • Property Marketing

  • Retail licensing, Merchandising Design, Product Fulfillment

  • Sponsorship Analysis/Sales/Service

  • Stadium Development

  • Venue Entitlement

  • Event Development/Management