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Here's a look inside Phil Simms' new football world

Tara Sullivan, Sports Columnist, @Record_TaraPublished 3:06 p.m. ET Sept. 22, 2017 | Updated 4:18 p.m. ET Sept. 22, 2017


The April announcement that Phil Simms was out and Tony Romo was in as CBS' lead NFL analyst sent plenty of shock waves through the broadcasting world, a frenzy of speculation about where the popular Simms would end up, how he felt about the prematurely-leaked news, and what his TV future would hold.

It took only two weeks for CBS to announce Simms' addition to the cast of the Sunday studio show "The NFL Today," joining James Brown, Boomer Esiason, Bill Cowher and eventually Nate Burleson, where he debuted Week 1 this season.

Now, two weeks in, Simms is in full stride, thrilled with his new job, excited with his new role, and more than happy to spend more time in his Franklin Lakes home and less at airports and in airplanes. 

Here are Simms' thoughts on his adjustment, that on-air exchange with Romo, what is wrong with the Giants these days, how tough Eli Manning is, and his own burgeoning bromance with Boomer:

Q: You’re two weeks into the season, into the new job, how it’s going?

A: My early read is I don’t like it. (pause)

I love it.

There you go. I had you. That’s it. people keep asking me, ‘Oh, how you doing?’ First off, I’m not dying so don’t ask me in that tone. And I am beyond belief enjoying it. It’s great. The day is longer than I expected and even though I do ["Inside the NFL" on] Showtime and have done it for many years, this is different because there are highlights into the games, you're doing four and five halftimes. My only disappointment in the whole thing is just one. I thought, 'Man it’s going to be great. I’m going to be able to sit there and watch all the games and it's really going to make my work load during the week so much easier.' Well it’s just not true. There's just so much going on, you can’t watch all the games in the studio. 

I hope to every week, one way or the other, I will watch every game every week. It’s a little harder than I expected. But I hope to. I usually do both [the TV broadcast and coach’s tape].

Q: The on-air chemistry of your CBS panel seems very natural. Do you feel that? Did they surprise you with that tape of your '80s workout video last week?

A: I do, I feel it. I expect it to just keep getting better. You know what’s great and I always love, there’s nothing they can say that will offend me. I already know I can say what I want to, of course JB and Boomer, nothing offends them. As I always say, Boomer doesn’t care if you say anything good or bad about him as long as you’re just talking about him. That’s all that matters. Last week they got me pretty good, out of nowhere, but it was good. They had the video come up and that was great. I had no idea. And last segment we did, 'Phil in the blank,' it was great. I tell people I don’t need to know, just let’s go. I can definitely do it on the fly. I will not be - what’s the word for it? - I will not be short of words.

Q: What was that moment like when you interviewed Tony Romo from his game and you were in studio?


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Tackle My Ride: Kyle Long and the Chicago Bears (EPISODE) | NFL Network

NFL Network

Published on Sep 29, 2017








Kyle Long gives Bears fan's truck a makeover on 'Tackle My Ride'

Phil ThompsonChicago Tribune 

September 28, 2017, 11:59 AM

Kyle Long helps give a Bears fan's truck a much-needed makeover and shows off a couple of his own vehicles on Friday's episode of "Tackle My Ride."

The Bears guard chose to overhaul Mark Mueller's rusted-out 1999 Ford Explorer because the Hoffman Estates police officer has volunteered as president of Chicagoland Pop Warner for 26 years and also founded the Law Enforcement Athletics Program.


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Philadelphia's Chris Long Named Week 2 NFLPA Community MVP

Posted: 9/22/2017

Eagles defender pledged six game checks to fund new scholarship program in Charlottesville

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Chris Long has been named Week 2 NFLPA Community MVP for his ongoing efforts to enhance the lives of others through programs focused on youth, clean water, military appreciation and homelessness.


Following last month’s violent protests led by hate groups in his hometown of Charlottesville, the 10-year veteran was inspired to start a scholarship program promoting educational equality in that same community. On Sept. 19, Long pledged to donate his first six games checks of this season to fund two scholarships at his Charlottesville high school alma mater, St. Anne’s-Belfield School, in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Club of Central Virginia.

The seven-year scholarships will be distributed through the Chris Long Foundation, an organization that has dedicated itself to supporting bright futures for communities and the individuals that live in them. Long and his wife, Megan, hope that their investment into the community will help enlighten and educate its youth, which in turn will produce equality and social justice for all.


“It's a great honor to be named NFLPA Community MVP,” Long said. “So many of my peers from around the league do so much in their respective communities on a daily basis. To be mentioned among them is exciting for myself and The Chris Long Foundation. Football has given us a tremendous platform and resources to make the most of this platform, and I'll always do my best to be worthy of receiving those gifts. We will be sure to put the generous gift of $10,000 to great use." 


The scholarship program, which marks the second educational opportunity he has funded for a St. Anne’s-Belfield School student, is yet another example of Long’s heart for service and greater good. After witnessing the suffering in Tanzania due to a lack of clean water while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in 2013, Long started Waterboys, dedicated to raising funds and awareness for clean water in East Africa. The initiative has become the staple of The Chris Long Foundation, which was started in 2015. Since then, the organization has created youth programs in St. Louis and Charlottesville and supported both the homeless and military communities.


In honor of Long being named this week's Community MVP, the NFLPA will make a $10,000 contribution to his foundation or charity of choice along with an in-kind donation to him on behalf of our supporting partner Delta Private Jets. Long, along with the other 2017 Community MVPs, will also become eligible for this year’s Byron Whizzer White Award, which is the highest honor that the NFLPA can bestow upon a player.


The NFLPA Community MVP program recognizes NFL players who are making a positive impact in their local communities. Each week during the regular season, the NFLPA will celebrate one NFL player* who has demonstrated a commitment to giving back to his community. Please visit our website to read more about the program as well as the current and past winners.


*To be eligible for the Community MVP award, a player must be a dues-paying member of the NFLPA and either on a current NFL roster or actively seeking employment as a free agent.

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Eagles' Chris Long to fund Charlottesville scholarships

PHILADELPHIA -- Eagles defensive end Chris Long will donate his first six game checks this season to fund scholarships for students in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, his foundation announced Tuesday.

The scholarships, which will provide two students with a seven-year, all-expenses-paid school program, are meant to "promote equality through education."

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GeForce Garage - Kyle Long's F-150 Wall Build

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