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NEWS - JUNE 2017


Blueprint for Athletes Service

Quest Diagnostics Expands Blueprint for Athletes Service

MADISON, N.J., June 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Fitness devotees and amateur and competitive athletes can now access sports biomarker testing from their home with a suite of expanded capabilities from Blueprint for Athletes, the biomarker testing service from Quest Diagnostics (NYSE: DGX) that gives athletes insights on their own biology to help improve fitness and performance.

The new services feature a Field Kit for at-home specimen collection using the Mitra® Microsampling device, which allows highly precise collection. With at-home sampling, an individual simply orders online, receives a kit with the device in the mail a few days later, collects a few drops of blood from her or his fingertip, and drops the sample in the mail to the lab. At-home collection sampling is now available as part of the Blueprint for Athletes Hormone package, and is expected to be made available with other Blueprint for Athletes services later this year.

An additional Blueprint for Athletes offering is "concierge collection" in which trained phlebotomists will visit a person's home or other location to collect a blood specimen for testing. Hormone and the other Blueprint for Athlete services involve biometric testing of blood serum rather than DNA testing of saliva. These services are available starting today at

"Based on our 50 years of diagnostic innovation, Quest is uniquely positioned to bring new capabilities to the consumer market," said Jay Wohlgemuth, M.D., senior vice president, research and development, and chief medical officer, Quest Diagnostics. "The microsampling and concierge options complement the overall enhancements to our Blueprint for Athletes offering, empowering individuals to pursue their athletic and fitness pursuits armed with the individualized insights only state-of-the-art biometric lab testing can provide."

Blueprint for Athletes is now available for order in 33 states via Because Blueprint for Athletes is based on medical-grade diagnostic tests, it is subject to several federal and state regulations. These regulations vary somewhat by state, which means availability can vary by state as well.

"With these new services, athletes have the flexibility to choose options that offer convenience in their busy lives and meet their fitness objectives, backed by scientific expertise from the world's largest medical diagnostic provider," said Richard C. Schwabacher, executive director, sports science and human performance, Quest Diagnostics. "Based on actionable information from their test results, athletes can design a program to achieve their personal best."

Personalized Coaching Helps Athletes Create Game Plan to Improve Performance

Individuals can now access personalized coaching through Blueprint for Athletes. Through this service, a trained clinical coach works closely with the individual to establish clear athletic and fitness goals. The coach will then help the athlete to understand the meaning of the Blueprint for Athletes biomarker results in relation to the individual's personalized goals, and identify potential changes in behavior, lifestyle or training that may spur improved performance.  Each session involves a personalized 30 minute phone call scheduled at the individual's convenience. Sessions are offered as an added service with certain Blueprint for Athletes stacks.

"Although most athletes have a working knowledge of hydration and nutrition, they often lack the insights about how even minor adjustments, such as timing specific nutrient intake to training, competition and recovery, can offset the stress of heavy workouts and help the body to function more efficiently. Anyone serious about improving their fitness can stand to benefit from this new offering," said Martha Brandon, MS, CDE, RCEP, director, clinical operations, Quest Diagnostics.   

Six Stacks Geared to Specific Fitness Goals

Quest Diagnostics has also reconfigured the Blueprint for Athlete test services to help individuals access more personalized biometric analysis. The services, called "stacks," feature panels of lab tests, with results provided in an easy to read action-oriented report. The stacks include:  

  • Blueprint One, which provides baseline data about the biomarkers of interest to most athletes, such as total cortisol, lipids, and vitamin D.

  • Training Status, which details how a body is responding to training and recovery;

  • Endurance and Conditioning, to assess hydration status and the body's ability to handle prolonged exertion;

  • Nutrition, which provides dietary insights to support training and performance goals;

  • Metabolic Performance, to help achieve the proper balance between fat burning and muscle building;

  • Hormones, which assesses potential hormone imbalances that can sabotage performance;

  • Food Allergens, allowing athletes to better understand whether food allergies are undermining their training regimens.

"The stacks are designed to provide relevant and actionable information for athletes of every level, from those who invest in their health by working out regularly to those who compete in rigorous endurance events," said Schwabacher.

About Blueprint for Athletes

Blueprint for Athletes is the first fitness-specific direct-to-consumer service from Quest Diagnostics. The service was developed in collaboration with internationally renowned experts in the fields of nutrition, exercise physiology, athletic training, and human performance and the New York Football Giants, "Proud Partners in Health." Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are provided with custom reports that contain personalized laboratory test results detailing their personal health markers, how they relate to sports physiology, and results that may suggest the need for modification. One-time testing provides a snapshot of health status; repeat testing provides a longitudinal look over time, allowing comparisons prior to and following strategies to achieve improvements.

About Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics empowers people to take action to improve health outcomes. Derived from the world's largest database of clinical lab results, our diagnostic insights reveal new avenues to identify and treat disease, inspire healthy behaviors and improve health care management. Quest annually serves one in three adult Americans and half the physicians and hospitals in the United States, and our 43,000 employees understand that, in the right hands and with the right context, our diagnostic insights can inspire actions that transform lives.

50th Anniversary: In 2017, Quest Diagnostics celebrates 50 years of life-changing results. To learn about our legacy of accomplishments and quest to improve healthcare in the future, visit  

Quest, Quest Diagnostics, Blueprint for Athletes, and all associated Quest Diagnostics registered or unregistered trademarks are the property of Quest Diagnostics. All third-party marks are the property of their respective owners.


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