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Howie Long Donates $1Million To Villanova

October 21, 2016

Villanova University has received a $1 million commitment from Gold Jacket Howie Long and wife Diane T. Long, Friday evening.
As part of the University’s $600 million Comprehensive Capital Campaign, the alumnus generous gift will go toward a new weight room in Villanova Stadium, “The Howie Long Strength Training Center.”
In an exclusive interview with Villanonva University, Long and his wife had this to say about their former university.
“We are proud members of the Villanova community and are grateful for all the ways Villanova positively impacted our lives,” said Howie and Diane Long. “It is important to us to express our gratitude with our gift and join others who strive to enrich the experiences of future generations of Villanova Football players, Villanova athletes and the Villanova family overall.”
In addition, the building of the gym and naming rights, the Villanova Football program will also name its annual defensive player of the year award after Howie Long. The award will be known as “The Howie Long Defensive Player of the Year Award.”
Long was a member of the Villanova football program from 1977-80, during which time he registered 313 tackles. He was named MVP of the Blue-Grey All-Star Classic as a senior. In 1995, Long had his #55 jersey retired by the University.


Meet The Waterboys

by Chris Long, The Players Tribune October 5, 2016


As the title of this article suggests, we’re going to do things a little differently here. I want to talk to you about clean water, and why it can change people’s lives in East Africa, especially the lives of children. But since this is the Internet, I know you all have a short attention span.

So let’s make a deal. I’ll tell you why I started my Waterboys initiative, and why I want you to help us bring clean water to the incredible people of East Africa, and in return I’ll also make fun of my football buddies, starting with my brother Kyle.

He’ll be alright. He’s a big boy. Oh, and that monster extension he just signed should have him feeling pretty good.

Kyle Long
I will gladly take the heat for a good cause. I’m ready.

Chris Long
Let’s talk about Kyle’s off-season routine. Whenever I FaceTime him after like 8 a.m., he’s always in his dark little gaming cave with five television screens glowing simultaneously, just sitting there shirtless and hairy, surrounded by all his crazy gizmos. He’s wearing his special headphones, clicking away with his game face on. He looks like a hacker living in his mom’s basement, not a Pro Bowl NFL guard.

“I’m busy right now, dude.”

You’d honestly think I was calling him during an actual NFL game, that’s how intense he is in his gaming chamber.

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Kyle Long opens new playground — and old memories

Chicago Tribune by Phil Thompson October 6, 2016


When Kyle Long was done cutting the ribbon to open a new playground on the West Side on Tuesday, he thought back to times when he didn't have access to a playground.

Not because his family was poor — his dad, Howie Long, was an NFL star — but because people thought Kyle might hurt someone.

"As a young kid sometimes I wasn't allowed on the playground because the kids my age weren't as big as I was," said the Bears guard, who helped dedicate and fund the new play space at Ellen Gates Starr Park, across from St. Malachy School. "When my mom found out about that, she got pretty mad at the teachers. The more time I spent on the playground the more I could express myself and have fun. That's really where I found myself as an athlete and as a person."

About 200 students from the elementary school attended the ceremony, some literally hanging on Long as they begged him for autographs, play time and Bears tickets.

Long's foundation, Dreambuilders, also donated backpacks with food in them as part of its partnership with the Blessings in a Backpack charity.

"As a young player in the league you have these older guys who have their own (causes), whether it be a clean-water initiative like my older brother (Chris Long of the Patriots), helping with homeless or whatever it may be, I found that fighting hunger and giving kids a positive (outlet) like a space where they can go and they can let off their steam and they can go have fun with their friends at a park like this is a perfect place," he said.

UnitedHealthcare gave $10,000 on behalf of Long's foundation to renovate the playground, and a bench will be erected bearing Long's and the company's names.

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