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Comprehensive planning, development, and implementation of integrated marketing programs, sponsorship sales, negotiation and evaluation, value added media packages and strategic alliances for licensing, merchandising, and cross-promotions.

  Teams, Leagues & Services

  • Alternate Signage Opportunities

  • Brand Awareness

  • Brand Personality/Message Enhancement

  • Complete Integration of Disciplines

  • Complete Online/Offline Integration

  • Equity Branding 

  • Evaluation & Creation of New Marketable Assets

  • Integration of Emerging Technologies

  • Marketing Package Development 

  • Market Research

  • Media Relations

  • Naming Rights/Sponsorship Analysis 

  • Program Implementation 

  • Project Financing 

  • Public Interest Survey 

  • Referendum/Election Campaign Consultation

  • Sponsorship Sales/Servicing

  • Stadium Merchandising/Concession Initiatives 


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