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Frank Vuono featured on SI's Podcast, "The Narrative."

December 15th, 2016

Frank Vuono recalls the history and creation of consumerism around NFL jersey sales and the future of ads on jerseys in other major league around the United States.




Frank Vuono featured in Forbes' 20+ Sports Agents Discuss Business Evolution, What's Ahead In 2017

December 22nd, 2016

Even since the debut of Jerry Maguire, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, the sports agency world has been viewed by the outside world as a glitz and glam business, where agents mingle with stars while occasionally conducting some contract negotiation, putting out a public relations fire or securing an endorsement deal.

Still, with the movie front and center the past few weeks along with 2016 coming to a close, I felt like it was a good time to assess the state of the agency business and how it has changed over the years. Over email, I asked nearly 25 agents across marketing, media and player/coaching representation two questions: 1) How has the sports agency business evolved over the past five years? and 2) Where is the agency world headed in 2017? Participants could answer one or both questions and were asked to stay under 100 words total.  

Hopefully with the responses, you’ll get a true sense of where the industry was and where it’s going over the next 12 months.


2017: Entrepreneurs who see emerging trends in the agency business will continue to pursue start-up specialty shops; and the larger agencies will ultimately gobble them up when they are seeking expertise to keep up with trends. Such has been, and will be the case for the next few years, in digital/social media and eSports. With commission percentages shrinking and more talent deciding to self-represent, player contracts will continue to play a diminishing role in agency business. Content is king, and those agencies who can develop content through their personality clients, and/or the rights holders they represent, will thrive.

— Frank Vuono, Partner, 16W Marketing

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